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YOUTH SUPPORT KENYA is a Non-Profit Making organization based in Nairobi. The organization was founded in 2009 to help Children, Youth and the surrounding community acquire skills that can help them improve their living standards and ultimately responsible and resourceful citizens.
Our programs Include...
In YSK we work under various programs to reach our goals, please click on the green bars below to have an overview of the programs and links to the programs...
Vocational Educational Training
School Fees Sponsorship Program
Youth support Kenya operates a school fees sponsorship program for very needy students within the four counties of Nairobi, Machakos and Makueni. The Organization has supported over 40 students through secondary, college and university education. Many young people among the urban and rural poor have no means to access secondary and university education. YSK partners with...Read more
Life Skills Program
Every school holiday, Youth Support Kenya organizes educational tours for preteens from the Child Support Program in Mathare Nairobi. The Tours are meant to expose the children to different social – environmental experiences. Interesting conversations and talks are also conducted by our counsellors and social workers for children undergoing difficult situations in their families... Read more
Community Development Program
It's the right of every Kenyan to have access to health care and lead a dignified life and so it is the responsibility of YSK to create awareness on preventive measures against various health conditions. YSK conducts heath awareness against chronic illnesses including HIV/AIDS and sensitizes communities on water and sanitation issues that may lead into...Read more
International Internship and Volunteer Programmes
Youth Support Kenya organizes for international students to live, Serve and Learn in Kenyan Schools as part of their University academic fulfilment back home, either as interns or volunteers. All participating Interns pay for their own travel and living costs. Over 20 Students from Germany and other Western countries have participated in this program with intriguing success and satisfaction... Read more
architectural team involved in the planning of the skills center exapansion
architectural team involved in the planning of the skills center exapansion
Read more about the skills centre...
Upcoming events
We are glad to announce that we are coming up with an interesting project called Maisha Mazuri Children centre. We shall keep you posted on the unveiling of the project as soon as it is launched.